In Balance:

Opening Reception: 
Thursday, October 29th 2015 | 5-7 pm

Please Join us on Thursday, October 29th from 5-7pm
To celebrate the opening of Studio Articolore in Downtown Walla Walla

Featured are recent prints from two members of the Graphic Arts Workshop

Ann-Marie Cunningham’s recent works examine the inherent beauty of symbiotic relations studied from nature and the environment as examples of balance created in mutually supportive relationships.

Kumiko Tanaka’s prints explore the perfection and beauty of the whole through a union of opposites: woman and nature, earth and sky, yin and yang. Her prints provide visual expression of the power and symmetry of traditional taiko drumming.

In pursuing a formal education in printmaking, I met Kumiko Tanaka through the Graphics Arts Workshop located above my studio in San Francisco. We continued to meet as ‘early birds’ at the dawn, which presented the best environment for undistracted print creativity. We were joined together, not only as kindred spirits, but also through an unspoken understanding of our mutuality. After exchange of techniques, understandings and a shared passion of teaching, we came to recognize that our lives, though vastly different, intersected in tangible ways.

In Balance is a representation of this intersection. These prints, though processed outside of this intent, mark the tipping point mutually felt and represented in color, movement, and textures of overlap.
— Ann Marie Cunningham, artist