Simulacra and Simulation

                                                                              New Year , Tim Gonzalez

                                                                              New Year, Tim Gonzalez

             Eve (Lino Print)                                  Digital Dunes                  Going Fishing: Cello Falls (Wall Piece)  
      Moku-hanaga Print (Triptych)                       John Lee                                  Celilo Falls Cup Series
                   Twila Tate                                                                                                      Greg Tate


It all started when...

In 1981, Jean Baudrillard, examined the relationships among reality, symbols, and society in a treatise. The end of a year often brings a resurvey of the influences in life in what has occurred and ponderance to what is about to become. StudioArticolore co-op artists have assembled an array of subject matter that provoke thought to what is currently engaging the community at large; symbolism of technologic advances, addressing social issues especially ecologic and epic to 2016, and intriguing what society will create into the post-modern structuralisms of 2017.